Kidney Patients Get Donation from the Mustique Charitable Trust

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The Mustique Charitable Trust (MCT), which receives its funds from generous donations from Mustique homeowners, their guests and friends, has committed to donate EC$52,000 to help to defray the cost of dialysis treatment for the many patients who obtain this treatment in SVG. The donation of funds commenced in September 2013 and will last for 1 year ending September 2014.

Speaking during a brief presentation at Beachmont at Health Solutions Inc., the nation’s only dialysis treatment provider, Lavinia Gunn, Administrator of the MCT said that the MCT was delighted to assist dialysis patients in SVG who obtain treatment at Health Solutions Inc, which is a professional, warm and friendly facility in the Kingstown area.

Pauline Garabedian-DeFreitas, Managing Director of Health Solutions Inc., who received the donation on behalf of the various patients who receive treatment at her facility, said that the cost of dialysis is expensive both to provide for our facility and to afford for all patients.

Garabedian-DeFreitas said the generosity of the MCT should give hope patients hope in their fight with kidney disease and/or kidney failure.

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