HSI Managing Director spreads the word about Kidney Health at ECGC

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On Monday, October 12, 2015,  Pauline Garabedian-DeFreitas, Managing Director of Health Solutions Inc. (HSI), made a presentation at The East Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC) Headquarters at the Campden Park Industrial Site to provide valuable information to ECGC management and staff .

Mrs. Garabedian-DeFreitas was able to openly interact with ECGC personnel and advise them that both diabetes and hypertension are precursors to kidney disease and how HSI can assist with the treatment of these two diseases to ensure that they, separately or together, do not develop into kidney disease.

HSI would like to extend its gratitude to Nurse Vern Kirby and the entire ECGC management team and staff who attended for granting HSI the opportunity to make its presentation.

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