Health Solutions announces launch of Diagnostic Unit and Well Woman Clinic in SVG

After months of planning, we are proud to announce the highly anticipated addition of our Diagnostic Unit where we can provide Bone Density scans, U-Arm X-Rays, Ultrasounds and Mammograms. We are also offering women and men’s health services, hypertension and diabetes care, kidney care and so much more.

Call us at 784-451-2836 or 784-434-3170 today for more information and to book your appointment!



Health Solutions Inc. contributes to the VINSURE Health & Wellness Fair in Arnos Vale

On October 19, 2019, Pauline Garabedian-DeFreitas, Managing Director of Health Solutions Inc. (HSI) and nursing staff were able to provide vital information to the general public on blood sugar and pressure, kidney health, nutrition, women’s health and an array of other health matters at the recent Health & Wellness Fair coordinated by St. Vincent Insurances Ltd. (VINSURE) held at the E.T. Joshua Car Park.

HSI would like to extend its gratitude for putting together such an event and for having the Company be a participant.


Health Solutions Inc. contributes to the JCI Health Fair in Barrouallie

Pauline, Garabedian-DeFreitas, Managing Director of Health Solutions Inc. (HSI) was able to present vital information on kidney health at a health fair coordinated by JCI St. Vincent (formerly known as Jaycees) in Barrouallie at its local community health centre on August 25, 2018.

The Management and Staff at HSI would like to extend its gratitude to JCI St. Vincent for putting on these events to increase health awareness across SVG and looks forward to working with the organization in the foreseeable future.


World Kidney 2018 : Kidneys & Women’s Health: Include, Value, Empower

Women and CKD

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a worldwide public health problem with adverse outcomes of kidney failure and premature death [1]. CKD affects approximately 195 million women worldwide and it is currently the 8th leading cause of death in women, with close to 600,000 deaths each year [2]. .

The risk of developing CKD is at least as high in women as in men, and may even be higher. According to some studies, CKD is more likely to develop in women compared with men, with an average 14% prevalence in women and 12% in men [3]. However, the number of women on dialysis is lower than the number of men. At least three major reasons are recognized so far: CKD progression is slower in women compared to men, psycho-socioeconomic barriers such as lower disease awareness lead to late or no start of dialysis among women [4] and uneven access to care is a major issue in countries with no universal access to healthcare. Kidney transplantation is also unequally spread, mostly due to social, cultural and psychological aspects: even in some countries that provide kidney transplantation and equitable treatment for men and women, women tend more often to donate kidneys and are less likely to receive them [5]. There is indeed a clear need to address issues of equitable healthcare access for women where it is currently lacking and increase awareness and education to facilitate women’s access to treatment and better health outcomes.

Lupus Nephropathy & Kidney Infection

Some kidney diseases, such as lupus nephropathy or kidney infection (acute or chronic pyelonephritis) typically affect women. Lupus nephritis is a kidney disease caused by an autoimmune disease, which is a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the own cells and organs [6]. Pyelonephritis is a potentially severe infection that involves one or both kidneys [7]. Kidney infections (as most urinary tract infections) are more common in women and the risk increases in pregnancy. To ensure good results, as most renal diseases, diagnosis and treatment should be timely.

Kidney Disease & Pregnancy

CKD is also considered a risk factor for adverse pregnancy outcome and reduced fertility. Women who have CKD are at increased risk for negative outcomes for the mother and the baby; pregnancies in women with advanced CKD are most challenging with high rates of hypertensive disorders and preterm births [9]. They may have reduced fertility but conception is possible, even if infrequent, on dialysis. On dialysis, results improve with intensive (daily or nearly daily) dialysis treatment, thus calling for dedicated programs for women of childbearing age [10].

In successfully transplanted women, fertility can be restored and chances of successful birth increase. However, as complications are observed more often than in the general population, preconception medical counselling should always be sought. There is a clear need for higher awareness on CKD in pregnancy, to timely identify CKD in pregnancy, and to follow-up women with CKD during and after pregnancy. In this respect, pregnancy may be also a valuable occasion for early diagnosis of CKD, thus allowing planning of therapeutic interventions.

In turn, pregnancy-related complications increase the risk of kidney disease: pre-eclampsia, a syndrome in which a defect of the implantation of the placenta affects normal kidneys inducing hypertension and proteinuria, is one of the 3 leading causes of maternal mortality [8]. Preeclampsia, septic abortion (infection of the placenta) and post-partum haemorrhage (major bleeding after giving birth) are leading causes of acute kidney injury (AKI) in young women, and may herald future CKD in survivors [11].

The burden of those maternal complications is particularly high for women in developing countries, due to insufficient access to universal and timely prenatal care, to improper management of women with preeclampsia, and to lack of availability of dialysis for severe AKI [12].

Our Message

There is a clear need for higher awareness, timely diagnosis and proper follow up of CKD in pregnancy. In turn, pregnancy may be also a valuable occasion for early diagnosis of CKD, allowing planning of therapeutic interventions.

On this occasion, World Kidney Day and the International Women’s Day 2018 are commemorated on the same day, offering us the opportunity to reflect on the importance of women’ s health and specifically their kidney health. On its 13th anniversary, World Kidney Day promotes affordable and equitable access to health education, healthcare and prevention for kidney diseases for all women and girls in the world.


As part of its activities for this day, the Managing Director of Health Solutions Inc., Mrs. Pauline Garabedian-DeFreitas, will be on both Boom 106.9 FM and NBC Radio 89.7 FM to further spread the word about kidney disease and its impact on women given the theme of this year’s commemoration.


Health Solutions Inc. receives Appreciation Awards from JCI St. Vincent

The Management and Staff of Health Solutions Inc. (HSI) would like to thank JCI St. Vincent for recognizing our Company contributions to the organization’s efforts during 2017.

The awards were bestowed upon the Company for its efforts in assisting JCI St. Vincent in its community outreach with respect to health matters for the populace in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) in 2017.

HSI commends the efforts of JCI St. Vincent and looks forward to contributing to this organization and its efforts in the future.


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